Unity Sun

Unity Sun was created at the request of the Artisisic Director of 2002 Canada Blooms Garden Show (Canada's largest Indoor Garden Show). The theme of the show was "a walk in the park" - this piece hung above the garden at the entrance to the show (as can be seen in the photo on the main page).

Unity Sun was placed to rise above the entrance garden, much like the sun anticipated by all Canadians after a long winter, to awaken their own, beautiful gardens. The center of Unity Sun shows a smiling face with a single yellow tear of sadness for the grief of the World. In addition, Unity Sun has 13 flare radiating from the center, for each of Canada's 13 Provinces or Territories.

This piece is 5 metres across, created in metal and glass. Thanks to Alfred Engerer of Geisterblitz Glass Studio for assistance with the glass, Mark Sabro and Eric Nielsen for assistance with the hanging framework, and Lorne Edie of Vertical Pro for assistance with the rigging.

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